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Pre-induction physicals, 1950

Doctor F. B. Moosnick exaimed James R. Caudill, Winifred, one of 42 local men who took pre-induction physicals at the area draft processing center Monday August 22, 1950. Augustus Daniels, Paintsville, stood directly behind. Men passing the tests were to be subject to the next induction call, expected in October 1950. The Korean War had just begun in June 1950 and would not end until July 1953. Herald-Leader Archives Photo

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Fleming-Neon flood cleanup, 1982

Jimmy Williams helped shovel debris out of Kincer’s Feed Store and into the street in Fleming-Neon on September 14, 1982. Heavy rains the day before dumped 8 inches of water on Letcher and surrounding counties causing the swollen Kentucky River to flow through Main Street, breaking out windows in businesses and causing heavy damage, cresting after it’s depth reached the height of parking meters. Photo by Charles Bertram | Staff

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Tobacco warehouse fire, 1983

Lexington Firefighters directed water onto the Central District tobacco warehouse on South Broadway after it caught fire in September 1983. The fire sent smoke drifting over downtown Lexington. The building was being razed to make way for an underpass at the Souther Railway tracks. Photo by Ron Garrison | Staff

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Lexington Racing Pigeon Club, 1951

Race-winning pigeons were viewed January 4, 1951 at a meeting of the Lexington Racing Pigeon Club at the Cranfill-Frey Company, 174 Sherman Avenue. Pictured from left to right are Raymond Cranfill, club race-secretary, who held his pigeon, which won a 600 mile race for old birds the previous year; Maj. M. J. Mrakava, of the Lexington Signal Depot, vice president; Dick Warren, club secretary-treasurer, who held his pigeon which won top honors in 1950 in a 500 mile match for young birds, and John Dinsmore, oldest member of the club. Dinsmore was the secretary-treasurer of the organization when it was founded in 1922. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Kentucky’s last win over Florida, 1986

University of Kentucky quarterback Bill Ransdell looked downfield during UK’s 10-3 victory over the University of Florida on November 15, 1986 at Commonwealth Stadium. This would mark the last time Kentucky has beaten Florida. The Wildcats meet the Gators at the Swamp Saturday evening. Photo by Tom Woods II | Staff

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ArtsPlace renovation, 1982

Paul Bond, left, and William Neal took a break from tearing down walls in July 1982 at what was to become the home for ArtsPlace on North Mill Street at Church Street. The workers took a break while the media got a tour of the project. Renovation of the former YWCA building began earlier that month under the direction of the Lexington Council of the Arts. The building became the headquarters for the council and it’s 48 member organizations.
Photo by Ron Garrison | Staff

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William H. Townsend and Lincoln papers, 1947

William H. Townsend, Lexington attorney and one of a small group of Abraham Lincoln experts present when the private papers of the Civil War president were opened on July 25, 1947, examined in his office here, items from his collection of Lincoln memorabilia. Townsend reported that he did not believe the newly opened collection would produce any startling new information about the Great Emancipator. Robert Todd Lincoln, President Lincoln’s only surviving son, for some reason, in the latter years of his life decreed his father’s papers be impounded until 21 years after his, Robert Lincoln’s death. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Traveling by horse and mule power, 1982

John Raymond Cowan traveled along Ky 90 in Wayne County, in August 1982, in a wagon pulled by a mule and a horse that he used on his farm in Frazier, Ky. Cowan had been visiting friends and was on his way home, traveling by wagon for about six miles. Photo by Charles Bertram | Staff

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Painting school board clock tower, 1980

Jack Burnett and Johnny Shepard, painters for the B.L. Radden Company, had little room to work, and little margin for error, in July 1980, as they prepared the clock tower atop the Fayette County school board building on East Main Street for a fresh coat of paint. The building was originally Henry Clay High School, which opened in 1928. The school moved to it’s current location on Fontaine Roads in 1970. Photo by E. Martin Jessee | Staff

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Kentucky freshmen bunk in Alumni gym, 1946

University of Kentucky students Ray Evans, bottom left, Sam Lee, upper left, and William Rogers, right, straightened their beds after spending the night in Alumni gymnasium in September 1946. Several hundred Army cots were installed in the gym to care for new students registering at UK until quarters were ready in prefabricated housing units. First year men students, a great majority of them war veterans, outnumbered freshman women during the fall quarter by almost four to one. Approximately 1,770 men and 465 women were among the freshmen and new students who went through the first day of classification tests, physical exams, advisory conferences and orientation. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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