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Rose Street extension, 1988

This March 1988 aerial photograph shows construction underway for the Rose Street Extension that would run from East Main Street, bottom, to Deweese Street and later connected to and was called Elm Tree Lane. Photo by Charles Bertram | Staff

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Halloween Jack o’ Lantern, 1947

Kit Barrow, son of Dr. and Mrs. Woolfolk Barrow, and Betsy Speed, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Speed, with their Halloween Jack o’ Lantern in late October 1947. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Lexington property assessors, 1949

From left, E.L. Bracy, Lexington; L.H. Palmer, Dayton, Ohio, engineer in charge; G.C. Wallace, Dayton; Russell Pulliam, Lexington, and R.S. Quigley, Philadelphia, pictured at city hall reassessing Lexington property values on February 15, 1949. Reassessment of all real property was to cost the city $52,500 and was to be completed in early summer. Assessors were soon to begin a house to house appraisal of all local property. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Lafayette performs at KMEA championships, 1994

The Lafayette High School flag corps interacted with the marching band, by dancing with, and around, band members during the Kentucky Music Educators Association Marching Band Championships in October 1994 at Roy Kidd Stadium in Richmond. Lafayette captured it’s 5th championship in a row in Class 4A that evening. Lafayette is competing in this year’s championship today in Lexington. Photo by Greg Perry

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Kentucky’s Dan Issel, 1970

Kentucky senior Dan Issel acknowledged the roar of the crowd as he left the Memorial Coliseum floor for his final home game as the Wildcats defeated Auburn March 2, 1970, 102-81. Issel holds the men’s UK record for career points with 2,138. Today is Issel’s 70th birthday. Photo by E. Martin Jessee | Staff

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Lexington patrolman captures two screech owls, 1949

Patrolman Al Sharpe with two screech owls he captured in Mrs. James P. McGerty’s apartment at 110 Hanover Avenue in June 1949. Patrolman William Riley, right, and two other officers responded to McGerty’s call about 4:30am after she heard loud noises in her living room. As she cautiously opened the door, “a great feathered thing swooped by me,” she told police. Patrolman Sharpe placed the birds in a bird cage and later released them near the police station. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Kentucky vs Vanderbilt Homecoming game, 1946

Bill Moseley (35), University of Kentucky fullback, pictured breaking through the Vanderbilt line for a five yard gain in the Homecoming Day game October 19, 1946 at McLean Stadium in Lexington. Attempting to grab Moseley is the Commodore’s star end, John North (57). The Wildcats won the game 10-7 in Coach Bear Bryant’s first season. The team finished the year with a record of seven wins and three losses (7-3 overall, 2-3 in the SEC). UK takes on Vandy for Homecoming this evening at 7:30pm at Kroger Field. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Lexington businessman Alex Campbell, 1981

Beginning in October 1981 The Lexington Leader published a five-part series on Lexington’s 10 most influential citizens. Included in the second part of the series was Lexington businessman Alex Campbell, along with Lexington Mayor Jim Amato. Campbell was photographed on the site of what would become Triangle Park, across from the new Lexington Center and Rupp Arena. Campbell thought the triangular lot was a perfect site for a park and fountain, the city agreed but didn’t have the $1 million to fund it. With the help of several friends in the business community Campbell raised the money and established the Triangle Foundation, which they grew into an endowment fund used to fund capital-improvement-type civic projects. Since the development of Triangle Park, the foundation has created Equestrian Park at the Bluegrass Airport, Thoroughbred Park and the Woodland Skate park. Photo by Frank Anderson | Staff

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First African-American students enroll at UK, 1949

Marking the first time in it’s then 84 year history, the University of Kentucky, on June 21, 1949, accepted enrollment of African-American students. Among the first to register were Augustus Mack, center, vocational agriculture teacher at Douglass High School and to his left, Mrs. Arnetta Neal, Douglass elementary school principal. Both entered the UK graduate school for masters degrees in education. The students’ right to attend the school was established three months earlier in a federal court ruling. The court ruled in the suit of Lyman Johnson, Louisville, against the University. Johnson sought admission to the graduate school to pursue a course leading to a doctors degree in history. He was among the 23 enrolling. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Mt. Sterling Court Days, 1979

Margie and Richard McIntosh of Georgetown, Ohio manned their tables at Court Days in Mt. Sterling on October 13, 1979. The annual gathering started in 1794 when the circuit judge came to town to try criminal defendants. People came from miles around to sell crops, trade horses, mules and other farm animals, and to swap goods and services. Guns and knives were among the top items traded. It continues to be one the largest outdoor festivals in Kentucky. This year, it runs Friday through Monday. Photo by Charles Bertram | Staff

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