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Painting school board clock tower, 1980

Jack Burnett and Johnny Shepard, painters for the B.L. Radden Company, had little room to work, and little margin for error, in July 1980, as they prepared the clock tower atop the Fayette County school board building on East Main Street for a fresh coat of paint. The building was originally Henry Clay High School, which opened in 1928. The school moved to it’s current location on Fontaine Roads in 1970. Photo by E. Martin Jessee | Staff

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Kentucky freshmen bunk in Alumni gym, 1946

University of Kentucky students Ray Evans, bottom left, Sam Lee, upper left, and William Rogers, right, straightened their beds after spending the night in Alumni gymnasium in September 1946. Several hundred Army cots were installed in the gym to care for new students registering at UK until quarters were ready in prefabricated housing units. First year men students, a great majority of them war veterans, outnumbered freshman women during the fall quarter by almost four to one. Approximately 1,770 men and 465 women were among the freshmen and new students who went through the first day of classification tests, physical exams, advisory conferences and orientation. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Transylvania freshmen welcomed, 1991

The freshman class at Transylvania University gathered September 1, 1991 in front of Old Morrison, the administration building, so the incoming men and women could serenade each other, as part of the school’s welcome to campus activities. New students for the fall term arrive on campus today. Classes begin September 4. Photo by Clay Owen

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Elvis ticket for concert that never was, 1977

A concert ticket from a 1977 Elvis Presley show at Lexington’s Rupp Arena that never happened. The concert was scheduled for Aug. 23 but Presley died exactly one week before he was to perform to a sold-out crowd in the city’s new arena. This upper-arena seat cost $7.50, which is $30.88 today adjusted for inflation. Lower-arena seats, which cost $15, were sold-out in 45 minutes. Thousands of fans waited in line to buy tickets for the show – some choosing to camp out two days after the concert announcement. Many fans decided to keep their unused tickets as a memento, rather than return then for refunds. Click on the image for a closer look. Herald-Leader file photo

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“What About the Children” rally, 1997

The “What About the Children” rally was held Sunday Aug. 17, 1997 at Bluegrass Aspendale Park as part of the National Children’s Day celebration. The rally was organized by Fresh Start Inc., a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and the House of God, a Hebrew Pentecostal church. The aim of the rally was to encourage the community, especially the children, that there is hope for a better way of life without drugs and violence. Photo by David Perry | Staff

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Preschool immunization clinic, 1946

A group of preschool children received diphtheria inoculations in the first series of immunization clinics conducted by the city-county health department in September 1946. The children were treated in the nurses’ room at Ashland School. At left, Miss Mitty Price, nurse with the health department, inoculated Sonia Smith. Watching the proceedings were Thomas Hall, Phil Powell, John McClintock, Barzelle Branham, and Vincent Long. Right, Nurse Mary Neill immunized Jimmy Johnson while Bobby Huffman awaited his turn. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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Aretha Franklin performs in Lexington, 2007

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, performed at the TOBA National Awards at Hill N Dale Farm in Lexington Saturday, September 8, 2007. Franklin, the “Queen of Soul”, had died Thursday morning at age 76 from advanced pancreatic cancer. Photo by Matt Goins

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Kentucky State Fair, 1985

After a long day at the Kentucky State Fair in August 1985, 12-year-old Michelle Catlett, from Harrodsburg, curled up next to her Jersey cow, Sugar, and took a nap. Gates open for this year’s State Fair at 7am this morning and exhibits open at 9am. Photo by Charles Bertram | Staff

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First day of school, 1984

School crossing guard Cecil Smith helped Sarah French, 6, cross Woodland Avenue at the end of her first day of school at Maxwell Elementary in August 1984. Fayette County public schools started the school year today. Photo by David Cooper

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Bicycling to Mammoth Cave, 1946

Marjorie Crozier, 21, a student at the University of Michigan, stopped in Lexington while on a bicycle trip from her home in Detroit to Mammoth Cave in July 1946. Crozier, a sophomore at Michigan, spent the night at Hamilton co-operative house at the University of Kentucky before starting the last lap of her 350-mile journey to the cave. She said she had no particular reason for coming south aside from the fact that she had been as far north as New York and as far west as North Dakota, and she wanted to meet some Kentucky people, who she described at the “friendliest people I’ve met”. A 10-pound sack held her belongings of a few changes of clothes, a plate, knife and fork, flashlight, maps and travelers’ checks to allow for about $10 a week spending money. Herald-Leader Archive Photo

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